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F3 Annapolis | June 14, 2024

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Annapolis Docks (EGO ALLEY)

Map Unavailable

Date(s) - 02/13/2021
7:00 am - 8:00 am

EGO ALLEY (Annapolis Docks)



  1. Nano

    Presidents’ Day Big Bang with a side of Monopoly

    AO: Ego Alley

    QIC: Nano

    Warm-Up: SSH, Michael Phelps, Wiley Mayes Haze, Windmills, Good Mornings, Merkins

    The Thang: The PAX started with a short mosey around the docks capped off with a round of Ricky Bobby. After the run, we played a game of Presidential Big Bang Trivia. A trivia question about a presidential fact was asked and an exercise was given. The PAX ran out from the center (Big Bang Style) and performed the number of exercises they thought was the correct answer. If no one of in the group had the right answer, it was 5 burpees for the difference between the closest guess and the correct answer. The PAX got a few wrong but we kept it to just 5x Burpees each time.

    Questions and Exercises included:

    1. Assassinated (4 – Burpees)
    2. Died in office (8 – Burpees)
    3. VP before president (15 – Jump Squats)
    4. Held office more than 1 term (19 – Hand release merkins)
    5. Total number of presidents (46 – Air Squats)

    After this the PAX moved on for a game of F3 Monopoly. With some minor tweaks, the game rules can be found here:

    COT: The Stoics recognized that desire was insatiable. Once you achieve something you find that the satisfaction is momentary and quickly you move on to the next goal. This can lead to unhappiness or a land lack of fulfillment. To counter act this the Stoics would find ways to want what they already had. You envision someone not being in your life or not possessing some thing. Even better, you can put yourself into difficult situations with limited resources that you must over come. What ever it is, the goal is to experience life without something for a short while so that you find genuine appreciation for having it in your life.

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