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F3 Annapolis | June 18, 2024

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PAXMiner Back Blast Template

Backblast! (Give your workout a creative name, make sure the first word of the message is Backblast with NO SPACES before it)
Date: Day, MM/DD/YY (note – the format is pretty flexible, you can use 05/05/2021 or Wednesday, May 5, 2021. If entering on your phone, make sure your phone doesn’t turn this into a telephone# hyperlink like seems to happen sometimes… if the date turns blue, your phone made it a hyperlink and it will break)
AO: AO Name (use the channel name if possible like #ao_wet_willy)
PAX: Tag every PAX in attendance with @NAME. Make sure they’re tagged/blue. If not on Slack, just list their F3 name.
FNGs: Say the total # of FNGs, then list their new F3 names here separated by commas. They mostly won’t have Slack accounts set up yet. Even if they do, list them here.
Q: tag Q and  co-Q if applicable with @NAME. Q first,  then Co-Q second.
Total: Total number including Q, PAX, and FNGs. Number only, no text.
Conditions: How was the morning? Get colorful.

Warm-Up:Exercise 1
·      Exercise 2
·      …

The Thang:
– Describe your BD.

·      Exercise 1
·      Exercise 2
·      …
·      Announcement 1
·      Announcement 2
·      …


Q took us out in… <prayer? poem? meditation? Silence? His why? …>


Backblast: Toys for F3 Tots (First Day of Winter)
Date: 12/21/2022
AO: The Skyline
PAX: @ANIMAL @SLAG@Cena @Bloomberg
FNGs: 0
Total: 4
Conditions: Mid 20’s – FrostyW-a-R:
Windmills – 21
SSH – 21 Reps
Arm Matrix
High Knees – down (Merkin) upon call of each PAXThe THANG:
One PAX runs through the following course:

  1. 21 Merkins on Coupons
  2. 21 Arm lifts with Battle Rope in Plank Position
  3. Agility Ladder – PAX’s Choice
  4. 21 Ball Slams – 10 lb Medicine Ball
  5. Suicides (5 pylons – back and forth)
  6. Run back to start line

Other PAX does 21 Squats, Lunges, SSH while waiting for each PAX to run the courseWhen PAX finishes course, he rolls Fitness die and all PAX does that exerciseWhen all four PAX finish the course, everyone ran one lap (1/4 mile)Repeat – everyone did one more run on the course each6 MOM (6 minutes of mary)

  1. Outlaws led by @Mr. Clean- Annapolis
  2. Flutter Kicks led by @Chew Toy
  3. box leg lifts (drew a box) led by @Almanac
  4. V-ups led by @Bryan Harris (WildThing)

Announcements:White Elephant exchange; 2nd F at Starbucks on Murray Ave